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came up with the idea for the Non Surgical Rhinoplasty procedure in 2002 as he was filling the nasolabial folds of a friend. He noticed that his friend had a small bump at the top of her nose that made her nose look prominent. From his experience in performing surgical rhinoplasty, knew that his friend's nose would look smaller if it was only straight. He realized that he could use the same collagen he was using for her nasolabial folds to raise the skin above her bump and make her nose straight.

The Non Surgical Nose Job was born. also refers to the Non Surgical Nose Job procedure as Non Surgical Rhinoplasty, Injection Rhinoplasty and the 15 Minute Nose Job.

Over the last 10 years and more than 2500 patients, has continued to improve and refine the procedure. It consists of a series of small injections of filler (usually Radiesse) into very precise locations throughout the nose. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes, after numbing with a topical anesthetic cream. always has the patient come back for a follow up visit two to three weeks after the initial procedure to check that the results are perfect. This is when touch up injections are performed, if necessary.

The Non Surgical Nose Job has become a popular alternative for many who seek to correct mild to moderate nasal imperfections, without having to undergo surgery. The procedure is not for everyone. It cannot shrink a large nose or narrow wide nostrils, for example. The procedure can, however, make a bumpy nose look smaller by camouflaging the bumps and straightening the profile. can also make a crooked nose look straighter, raise a droopy tip and correct contour irregularities from post surgical rhinoplasty scarring. Correcting these imperfections makes the nose more symmetric and in harmony with the rest of the face. The nose blends in, is less noticeable and therefore looks smaller. Despite the fact that has actually added to it!

frequently uses the Non Surgical Nose Job procedure for his Asian and African American patients to raise the bridge and define the tip. It works very well to give significant augmentation, while still looking natural. The change is there, but no-one can tell that the nose has been worked on. For examples, please see our page of before and after pictures. Dr. Rivkin patients come to him because he can lift their bridge or redefine their tip without making them look different or more Caucasian. Preserving their ethnicity is critical.

Due to the success of the Non Surgical Nose Job procedure, now divides his time between patient care, clinical research, educating other physicians, media appearances, and lecturing at scientific conferences throughout the world.

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